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Zesto Audio products are hand made in the USA
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BEST SOUND (FOR THE MONEY) by Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Munich High End 2016 Analog and Digital Sources “The combination of Zesto Audio, Joseph Audio Profile speakers, and Cardas cabling at Hifi Deluxe at the nearby Marriott outperformed many systems at the...

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Hear Zesto Audio at the Capital Audio Fest 2016 Exhibit room #202  Friday, Saturday & Sunday Thanks to our DC dealer Scott Dalzell at Viva...

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Munich 2016: Best Sound (For the Money) by Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, May 20th 2016 “Camped out at HiFi Deluxe was a superb display of musicality courtesy of the Zesto Audio Leto preamp ($7500) and Bia 120 stereo amp ($12,500) and Joseph Audio’s Profile ($7000)...

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