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Zesto Audio Receives the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society Premiere “Innovation Award”

The award represents innovation in design and engineering in the reproduction of music. Zesto Audio is recognized as a company that combines artistic flare, functionality and reliability. A literal marriage of design, combined with engineering and listening.

“We are truly humbled and honored to receive such a prestigious award and it’s especially cool to be recognized for our products that bring so much joy”, says George and Carolyn Counnas at the LAOCAS Annual Holiday Gala in December.

The Board of Directors of the LAOCAS has voted that their future innovation awards will be named “The George and Carolyn Counnas Innovation Award”.

George and Carolyn extend their sincerest thanks to the LAOCAS, Audiophiles, Musicians and High End Audio Community for all your support throughout their journey.


Stereophile’s Ken Micallef Review of the Zesto Audio Leto Ultra II.

February 2021.

“Record after record, the Leto Ultra II’s neutrality, transparency, and recovery of the last iota of sustain gave fresh insight into familiar recordings.”

Click here for full review.

New ESP Supply Customer testimonial

“When I was told that Zesto was upgrading the Andros 1.2 to the Andros II I was intrigued but really didn’t think there would be much difference to warrant an upgrade. Wow, was I wrong! Jeff from Reference Analog, in Oklahoma, brought over the new Andros II so we could do a side by side comparison. It was not a subtle change. As soon as the music started the difference between the two was immediate. The sound stage was wider and cleaner and the lower end had more punch and control. If you have heard the Andros before I know that statement is hard to believe. I have never heard an update to a component make this much of a difference. Jeff did not leave with the Andros II. Great Job Zesto!”

Clifton L. – Happy Customer – September 2020


Behind the Brand

Learn about the inspiration behind Zesto Audio in this exclusive interview with Owners George and Carolyn Counnas.

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